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At Multnomah Automotive, located in Portland, our Power Steering service ensures comprehensive care for your steering system.

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Customer Reviews

Here are just a few of our customer reviews.

Definitely recommend Multnomah Automotive for those searching for local auto care needs. They are friendly, honest, communicative, and work til they find a solution for the problem. Very happy to have them around for our ever-evolving car problems. Thank you!

Julie Lau

They are the best!!! They could’ve charged an arm and a leg, but didn’t. They are integral, and good people. I’m a teacher, and we had a hard week at home. Mike’s genuineness, and integrity, were very timely, and appreciated. We will go to the shop again and again.

James Sage

Jason was so kind and gave me great advice even though my car was at another shop. He’s honest and sincere, and knows how to get his customers back on the road.

Jo Foster

These guys are awesome! I had a problem with a battery install, brought the car back and they replaced the battery free of charge. Great communication, helpful advice too!

Hunt Lewis

Staff was incredibly friendly and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of, work was quality and efficient. Will be returning my business here going forward!


During the last year I have taken my Dodge to Multnomah Automotive for both a major engine repair and a standard oil change. I felt respected and cared for both times and highly recommend this friendly neighborhood shop.

Signa Haygarth

Best place to take your car in Portland. Always makes time for you and does a great job and is affordable. Can trust them to do what you need and never over sells or over charges.

Taylor Tryon-Bowman

Had my oil changed and transmission flushed. They were very helpful and up front, easy to work with, and completed services in a timely fashion. I will definitely be bringing my car back to Jason and team.

Zane Hauck

The team here is fantastic. We had car troubles and they were fast and very honest about our options. They took detailed notes and photos about nest steps on repairs for our vehicle. We had such a great experience that they are now our permanent mechanics.

Julie Casson

My car’s tires blew out right near their shop, and they were super helpful in getting new tires in and replacing them within one day. Really helpful, and professional.

Guy Outred

I had a really great experience here. Service was friendly and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. They also always maintained good communication throughout and the service was timely. I definitely see myself as a repeat customer.

Patty R

Jason helped fix multiple issues in my Toyota for $2000 less than what the dealer wanted. Jason and his team worked quickly and communicated clearly about issues that needed to be addressed. As long as Jason is there we’ll be bringing in our cars for service.

Greg Hibbard

Dude these guys are great. They’ve never overcharged in my experience, and do a thorough job. Shout out to Jason for keeping me updated with repairs.

Abraham Ross

Amazing service and great management. Jason was awesome and quickly found the issue in my tire. I was in and out in about 10 minutes and for only $20. 10/10 auto shop experience

Ryan Sweet

These guys are FAST! I needed an oil change and a catalytic converter shield installed on my Prius. They were pretty busy when I came to the shop by they still turned it around in a couple hours and gave great service. Shout out to Jason and his team, keep it up!

Alec J

Had my starter go out. They were able to diagnose and replace within two days despite being extremely busy. They also provided a full inspection without being pushy or trying to upsale. Good honest work. Thanks!

Spencer Short

I love this place. The owner is straight up. This is an awesome shop. My repair was concise accurate. I trust them implicitly and it’s a drive for me AAA rated… Check them out Jason has your back.

Darryl Pullman

I have been going to Multnomah Automotive for all my car repair needs. Every time I have been there, I have received stellar customer service. I could not have asked for a better Auto Repair shop. Thank You Jason!

Yonix Seyoum

This auto shop was great! They were so nice and helpful in everything they did. They diagnosed my problem quickly and replaced my battery very fast. Very inexpensive for the job performed and gave me quite a discount! Choose these guys they are the way to go!

J Delaney

Wonderful and fast costumer service. Very accommodating and friendly. They take the time to explain the issues and are flexible with your schedule and time. Extremely reliable and trustworthy service and workers!

Madison Novacek

Great shop. Knowledgeable, trustworthy, kind staff. Fixed my car and gave helpful feedback on the things to keep an eye on. I will use them again and would recommend this shop to others.

Angela Kemling

I had my brakes replaced here based on a recommendation from a coworker. They were helpful, honest, and got it done in one day!

Kendra Allen

Good, honest service. Reasonable prices. Jiffy Lube is right across the street from me, but I still make the 20 minute trip to Multnomah Automotive because of those qualities.


We had them replace the engine on our 2002 Toyota Echo. It now runs like a charm, and they gave us a three year, 30,000 mile warranty on the engine and labor. We highly recommend Multnomah Automotive!

Joel Glick
Power Steering Services

Why Choose Our Power Steering Flush Service?

Our Power Steering service involves replacing old fluid with fresh, clean fluid, eliminating contaminants to ensure proper lubrication and optimal functioning. This service not only maintains your steering system’s integrity but also enhances precision and longevity.

At Multnomah Automotive, located in Portland, our certified technicians specialize in comprehensive  services. We prioritize precision and detail, ensuring peak performance of your power steering system.

Experience the difference with our service. Schedule an appointment today at our Portland location and let our experts optimize your vehicle’s steering for a smoother, controlled drive.

Schedule A Power Steering Flush Today!

Signs It's Time for a Power Steering Flush

Your vehicle’s power steering system is crucial for smooth and effortless steering. Over time, power steering fluid accumulates debris, moisture, and impurities, impacting its functionality.¬†

Difficulty or stiffness in steering may indicate power steering system problems.

Whining or groaning sounds while turning the wheel could signal the need for a power steering flush.

Check for dark, dirty, or foamy power steering fluid indicating contamination.

Most advise a power steering flush every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

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